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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Powerful new Online Sponsoring System

A new Online Sponsoring System has been announced.

Amigo Health now has a premium automated sponsoring system. The Amigo Health ( online sponsoring system includes replicated website, autoresponders, lead capture pages, leads, training and many other essential marketing tools.

The Amigo Health online sponsoring system helps to eliminate the difficult parts of marketing and allow members to concentrate on the most productive parts of the business. Now experienced marketers can focus on building and supporting their Team and beginners can get started quickly and easily.

Features of the Amigo Health online sponsoring system:
· Professionally Designed Replicated Websites make it easy to present every feature of the Amigo health business.
· An exclusive Members Area Back Office with Statistics, Tools and Training give members everything they need to build their business, efficiently organized and all in one place.
· Distinctively designed Lead Capture Pages guarantee that members are notified immediately whenever someone is interested in their Amigo Health business
· Pre-Written Autoresponders in the system automatically follow-up with interested people and new recruits.
The resources in this automated online recruiting system give members a very substantial advantage.

Marge Pierce invites marketers to preview the online sponsoring system at
phone: 1-603-764-9136

Marketers already excited about the Amigo Juice product with Acai, Mangosteen and Goji; and the simple 3x9 forced matrix now have a compelling new reason to join the Amigo Health opportunity.

View the Online Sponsoring System at

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Why Do We Do Networking?

Why do we do Networking

The objective of why we do Networking is in 3 points.
1. Build a large downline.
2. Build it once.
3. Have it pay forever.

Where people get sidetracked is when they lose sight of this. They lose focus on these three objectives. Let’s see if we can define how to be focused on these points.

Remember we discussed the importance of choosing your sponsor. Does he have a good sponsoring system? Is he just trying to sign me up - or is he a real sponsor? Do you understand the difference between a sponsor and a recruiter? The question to ask is: “is he a real sponsor who can train me and help me and work with me. Does he have an economical sponsoring system for me and the people I bring in?” Does he have a system so I don’t have to chase my friends and relatives?
So point one is to be very careful in choosing a sponsor. If you want to achieve those 3 objectives of
Building a large downline.
Building it once.
And having it pay us forever.

Then obviously the first step is to choose the right sponsor, because it’s going to be a long-term relationship.

The second point is to determine if you have a long-term company. That depends upon company management. Most companies crash because of mis-management. What qualifies them to manage a company? Does the management team have experience running a company, or are they just some people who built a big downline? If you work hard building a downline and the company crashes --- so does your downline.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mangosteen Trainer

Probably the biggest dream of a Networker is to build a large Nationwide downline. I’ve done it several times. I’ve been at the top of several different Network Marketing companies. I’ve done that from my beautiful 11 room vacation home in the White Mountains of New Hampshire – in a tiny town 25 miles from a stoplight. I’ve done it without meetings. We live here in our vacation home permanently. And it’s all paid for. We are debt free. I enjoy a 1 minute commute to my home-office. I’m a Network Marketing trainer. I teach a sponsoring system for people who don’t like to sell. I have used this system to build several downlines in excess of 100,000 people.

I want you to picture yourself sitting in your boss’s office. He’s behind his desk. And you’re sitting in front of his desk – with your feet up on his desk. He can’t believe it! You are there in blue jeans – and you’re sitting with your feet up on his desk. You’re telling him, “Boss I just can’t fit you into my schedule any more. So I’ll be leaving. It’s such a nice day outside, that I’m taking my family to the beach. Now you probably think I’ll feel guilty about being at the beach while everyone else is working. But I won’t. Don’t worry about me. You should have less stress in your life – without me to scream at all day long. So I’m really doing you a favor. Your blood pressure should come down. And I’m sure you’ll be more relaxed when you get home, if you don’t have to get all red in the face without me around to scream at. You probably won’t be such a monster to your family when you get home at night. If you ever need a loan, maybe I can help you. I’m closing on my new home when I get back from our family cruise in 2 weeks. I’m sure you’ll have a much better day without me around. And off you drive in your new Lexus. That’s my goal for you. That’s where I’d like to take you.

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